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Electronic HP Care Pack Next Business Day Hardware Support - Extended service agreement

Electronic HP Care Pack Next Business Day Hardware Support - Extended service agreement
Manuf.No.: UE379E
Art.No.: S4553394
Product group: System Service & Support /
Manufacturer: HP Inc.
Electronic HP Care Pack Next Business Day Hardware Support, Extended service agreement, parts and labour (for desktop without monitor), 3 years, on-site, response time: NBD, for HP 4000, 60XX, 6200, 63XX, 8200, Elite 8000, Elite 8300; Business Desktop dc7800; EliteDesk 705 G1, 800 G1; EliteOne 800 G1; Point of Sale System ap5000, rp5800; ProDesk 600 G1; ProOne 600 G1; RP3 Retail System; RP7 Retail System; Workstation xw4600, Z1, z210, Z220, Z230, Z420, Z620, Z820, Z840)
Includes VAT, Plus 0,00 EUR postage and packaging Other costs if applicable
Delivery time approx. 1-3 days
The Electronic HP Care Pack Services (e-Care Pack) capability allows you to order, receive, update, and activate a wide range of valuable HP Care Pack Services over the Internet. Administered through the HP Services Network (CSN), it is a fast and simple process that enables immediate registration and service activation. Increase equipment availability and productivity with high-quality onsite and remote support for your HP hardware, as well as selected multivendor equipment. Choose Next Business Day Hardware Support when you need to: extend your hardware warranty coverage for key systems and devices; obtain easy-to-buy, easy-to-use onsite services; improve hardware performance and uptime; increase the return on your HP and multivendor hardware investments; enjoy consistent service coverage across geographically dispersed sites.


Service Included Parts and labour
Location On-site
Full Contract Period 3 years
Response Time Next business day
Covered Configurations Desktop without monitor


Service & Support Extended service agreement - parts and labour - 3 years - on-site - response time: NBD

Compatibility Information

Designed For HP 200 G1, 260 G1, 280 G1, 280 G2, Base Warranty, rp5700 Long Lifecycle, rp5800 Retail System, Warranty extension, ZR2740w
HP Elite 7100, Slice, Slice for Meeting Rooms
HP EliteBook 840 G2
HP EliteDesk 700 G1, 705 G1, 705 G3, 800 G1, 800 G2, 800 G3
HP EliteOne 705 G1, 705 G2, 800 G1, 800 G2
HP MP9 9000
HP Point of Sale System ap5000, MP9, rp3000, rp5000, rp5700, rp5800
HP Pro 3130
HP ProBook 640 G1
HP ProDesk 400 G1, 400 G2, 400 G2.5, 400 G3, 405 G1, 405 G2, 490 G3, 600 G1, 600 G2
HP ProOne 400 G1, 400 G2, 600, 600 G1, 600 G2
HP RP2 Retail System 2000, 2020, 2030
HP RP3 Retail System 3100
HP RP5 Retail System 5810
HP RP7 Retail System 7100, 7800
HP SignagePlayer mp8000s, mp8200
HP Workstation xw4100, xw4200, xw4600, xw6000, xw6200, xw6400, xw8000, xw8200, xw8400, Z1, Z1 G2, Z1 G3, Z2 Mini G3 Entry, Z2 Mini G3 Performance, z200, z210, Z220, Z230, Z240, z400, Z420, Z440, z600, Z620, Z640, z800, Z820, Z840
HP ZBook 17 G2 Mobile Workstation
HP Compaq 6200 Pro, 6300 Pro, 6300 Pro PC, 6305 Pro, 8200 Elite, 8200 Elite USDT PC, Elite 8000, Elite 8100, Elite 8300, Pro 4300, Pro 4300 PC
HP Compaq Business Desktop dc5000, dc5100, dc5700, dc5750, dc5800, dc7100, dc7600, dc7700, dc7800, dx2700, dx5150, dx7208, dx7408, dx7480, dx7510, rp5700


  • 200 G1, 260 G1, 280 G1, 280 G2, Base Warranty, Compaq 6200 Pro, Compaq 6300 Pro, Compaq 6300 Pro All-in-One PC, Compaq 6305 Pro, Compaq 8200 Elite, Compaq 8200 Elite USDT PC, Compaq Business Desktop dc5000, Compaq Business Desktop dc5100, Compaq Business Desktop dc5700, Compaq Business Desktop dc5750, Compaq Business Desktop dc5800, Compaq Business Desktop dc7100, Compaq Business Desktop dc7600, Compaq Business Desktop dc7700, Compaq Business Desktop dc7800, Compaq Business Desktop dx2700, Compaq Business Desktop dx5150, Compaq Business Desktop rp5700, Compaq Elite 8000, Compaq Elite 8100, Compaq Elite 8300, Compaq Pro 4300, Compaq Pro 4300 All-in-One PC, Elite 7100, Elite Slice, Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms, EliteBook 840 G2, EliteDesk 700 G1, EliteDesk 705 G1, EliteDesk 705 G3, EliteDesk 800 G1, EliteDesk 800 G2, EliteDesk 800 G3, EliteOne 705 G1, EliteOne 705 G2, EliteOne 800 G1, EliteOne 800 G2, MP9 9000, Point of Sale System ap5000, Point of Sale System MP9, Point of Sale System rp3000, Point of Sale System rp5000, Point of Sale System rp5700, Point of Sale System rp5800, Pro 3130, ProBook 640 G1, ProDesk 400 G1, ProDesk 400 G2, ProDesk 400 G2.5, ProDesk 400 G3, ProDesk 405 G1, ProDesk 405 G2, ProDesk 490 G3, ProDesk 600 G1, ProDesk 600 G2, ProOne 400 G1, ProOne 400 G2, ProOne 600, ProOne 600 G1, ProOne 600 G2, RP2 Retail System 2000, RP2 Retail System 2020, RP2 Retail System 2030, RP3 Retail System 3100, RP5 Retail System 5810, rp5700 Long Lifecycle, rp5800 Retail System, RP7 Retail System 7100, RP7 Retail System 7800, SignagePlayer mp8000s, SignagePlayer mp8200, Warranty extension, Workstation xw4100, Workstation xw4200, Workstation xw4600, Workstation xw6000, Workstation xw6200, Workstation xw6400, Workstation xw8000, Workstation xw8200, Workstation xw8400, Workstation Z1, Workstation Z1 G2, Workstation Z1 G3, Workstation Z2 Mini G3 Entry, Workstation Z2 Mini G3 Performance, Workstation z200, Workstation z210, Workstation Z220, Workstation Z230, Workstation Z240, Workstation z400, Workstation Z420, Workstation Z440, Workstation z600, Workstation Z620, Workstation Z640, Workstation z800, Workstation Z820, Workstation Z840, ZBook 17 G2 Mobile Workstation, ZR2740w
  • Compaq Business Desktop dx7208 (When Service & Support Type = 3 years warranty)
  • Compaq Business Desktop dx7408 (When Service & Support Type = 3 years warranty)
  • Compaq Business Desktop dx7480 (When Service & Support Type = 3 years warranty)
  • Compaq Business Desktop dx7510 (When Service & Support Type = 3 years warranty)
All prices quoted include VAT.
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