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Acer Care Plus Carry-in Booklet - Extended service agreement

Acer Care Plus Carry-in Booklet - Extended service agreement
Manuf.No.: SV.WPCAF.A10
Art.No.: S5935317
Product group: System Service & Support /
Manufacturer: Acer
Acer Care Plus Carry-in Booklet, Extended service agreement, parts and labour, 3 years, pick-up and return, must be purchased within 365 days of the product purchase, for Extensa M2610, X2610; Veriton M2640, M265, M410, M460, M4640, N4630, N4640, X2640, X4640)
Includes VAT, Plus 0,00 EUR postage and packaging Other costs if applicable
Still available
Delivery time approx. 1-3 days
Protect your Acer product beyond the standard warranty period with an Acer Care Plus service plan.


Service Included Parts and labour
Location Pick-up and return
Full Contract Period 3 years
Pricing Type Must be purchased within 365 days of the product purchase


Service & Support Extended service agreement - parts and labour - 3 years - pick-up and return
Technical support - phone consulting - 3 years
Technical support - web support - 3 years

Compatibility Information

Designed For Acer Extensa M2610, M2610_E, X2610G
Acer Veriton L410, L410-ED4450C, L410-EF9350C, L410-SC1250C, L410-SC3800P, L410-SD4000C, L410-SD4401C, L410-SD4402C, L410-UD4001C, L410-UD4001P, L410-UD4201P, L460, L460 AT393, L460 AT394, L460 AT395, L460 AT396, L460 Entry, L460-BE4700C, L460-ED5200C, L460-ED7300C, L460-ED8400C, L460-SD4501C, L460-SD4700C, L460-UD4500C, L460-UD4500P, L460-UD4501C, L460-UD4501P, L460-UD6420C, L460-UD6420P, L460-UD6421C, L460-UD6421P, M220, M261, M261 - Consumer, M261-BE2160C, M261-BE2160P, M261-FC4301P, M261-SC4200L, M261-SC4300L, M261-SD2160L, M261-SD2161L, M261-SD2180L, M261-UC4300P, M261-UC4301C, M261-UC4301P, M264, M2640G_E, M264-BE2200C, M264-EC1200C, M264-SD4400L, M265, M265-BE1400C, M265-BE5400C, M265-EC4500C, M265-EC4501C, M265-ED2220C, M265-ED5300C, M265-ED6300C, M265-ED7600C, M265-SC4500D, M265-SD2220D, M410, M410-FD4201P, M410-SD4000C, M410-SD4401C, M410-SD4402C, M410-SS1250C, M410-SS1250P, M410-SS3800P, M410-UD4000C, M410-UD4000P, M410-UD4200P, M410-UD4201C, M410-UD4201P, M410-UD5000C, M410-UD5000P, M410-UF9500P, M410-UF9600P, M410-UF9650C, M420, M420-ED4450C, M420-ED4850C, M420-ED5000C, M420G, M460, M460 Entry, M460 Premium, M460 Premium Gamer, M460 Premium Graphics Centre, M460 Premium Plus, M460 Value, M460-ED4700C, M460-ED5200C, M460-ED5400C, M460-ED7200C, M460-ED7201C, M460-FD2180P, M460-SC4200P, M460-SC4300P, M460-SC4400C, M460-SD2160C, M460-SD2182C, M460-SD4500C, M460-SD4502C, M460-UD2180C, M460-UD2180P, M460-UD4500C, M460-UD4500P, M460-UD4501C, M460-UD4501P, M464, M4640G_H_WLP, N4630G_W1, N4640G_W1, X2640G, X2640G_E, X4640G_H_ELP


  • Extensa M2610, Extensa M2610_E, Extensa X2610G, Veriton L410, Veriton L410-ED4450C, Veriton L410-EF9350C, Veriton L410-SC1250C, Veriton L410-SC3800P, Veriton L410-SD4000C, Veriton L410-SD4401C, Veriton L410-SD4402C, Veriton L410-UD4001C, Veriton L410-UD4001P, Veriton L410-UD4201P, Veriton L460, Veriton L460 AT393, Veriton L460 AT394, Veriton L460 AT395, Veriton L460 AT396, Veriton L460 Entry, Veriton L460-BE4700C, Veriton L460-ED5200C, Veriton L460-ED7300C, Veriton L460-ED8400C, Veriton L460-SD4501C, Veriton L460-SD4700C, Veriton L460-UD4500C, Veriton L460-UD4500P, Veriton L460-UD4501C, Veriton L460-UD4501P, Veriton L460-UD6420C, Veriton L460-UD6420P, Veriton L460-UD6421C, Veriton L460-UD6421P, Veriton M220, Veriton M261, Veriton M261 - Consumer, Veriton M261-BE2160C, Veriton M261-BE2160P, Veriton M261-FC4301P, Veriton M261-SC4200L, Veriton M261-SC4300L, Veriton M261-SD2160L, Veriton M261-SD2161L, Veriton M261-SD2180L, Veriton M261-UC4300P, Veriton M261-UC4301C, Veriton M261-UC4301P, Veriton M264, Veriton M2640G_E, Veriton M264-BE2200C, Veriton M264-EC1200C, Veriton M264-SD4400L, Veriton M265, Veriton M265-BE1400C, Veriton M265-BE5400C, Veriton M265-EC4500C, Veriton M265-EC4501C, Veriton M265-ED2220C, Veriton M265-ED5300C, Veriton M265-ED6300C, Veriton M265-ED7600C, Veriton M265-SC4500D, Veriton M265-SD2220D, Veriton M410, Veriton M410-FD4201P, Veriton M410-SD4000C, Veriton M410-SD4401C, Veriton M410-SD4402C, Veriton M410-SS1250C, Veriton M410-SS1250P, Veriton M410-SS3800P, Veriton M410-UD4000C, Veriton M410-UD4000P, Veriton M410-UD4200P, Veriton M410-UD4201C, Veriton M410-UD4201P, Veriton M410-UD5000C, Veriton M410-UD5000P, Veriton M410-UF9500P, Veriton M410-UF9600P, Veriton M410-UF9650C, Veriton M420, Veriton M420-ED4450C, Veriton M420-ED4850C, Veriton M420-ED5000C, Veriton M420G, Veriton M460, Veriton M460 Entry, Veriton M460 Premium, Veriton M460 Premium Gamer, Veriton M460 Premium Graphics Centre, Veriton M460 Premium Plus, Veriton M460 Value, Veriton M460-ED4700C, Veriton M460-ED5200C, Veriton M460-ED5400C, Veriton M460-ED7200C, Veriton M460-ED7201C, Veriton M460-FD2180P, Veriton M460-SC4200P, Veriton M460-SC4300P, Veriton M460-SC4400C, Veriton M460-SD2160C, Veriton M460-SD2182C, Veriton M460-SD4500C, Veriton M460-SD4502C, Veriton M460-UD2180C, Veriton M460-UD2180P, Veriton M460-UD4500C, Veriton M460-UD4500P, Veriton M460-UD4501C, Veriton M460-UD4501P, Veriton M464, Veriton M4640G_H_WLP, Veriton N4630G_W1, Veriton N4640G_W1, Veriton X2640G, Veriton X2640G_E, Veriton X4640G_H_ELP
All prices quoted include VAT.
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