Toshiba International Warranty Extension - Extended service agreement

Toshiba International Warranty Extension - Extended service agreement
Toshiba International Warranty Extension, Extended service agreement, parts and labour, 4 years, carry-in, for KIRA 10; Satellite Pro A30, A40, A50, C70, R40, R50; Satellite Radius 11; 14; 15
Includes VAT, Plus 0,00 EUR postage and packaging Other costs if applicable
Delivery time approx. 1-3 days
Description - Toshiba International Warranty Extension - Extended service agreement
    With Toshiba support solutions, you have the confidence that your investment is protected. Toshiba's support solutions feature a single point of contact for quick and reliable service, providing the ability to purchase a total hardware and service solution from a single source.

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    Technical data - Toshiba International Warranty Extension - Extended service agreement


    Service Included Parts and labour
    Location Carry-in
    Full Contract Period 4 years


    Service & Support Extended service agreement - parts and labour - 4 Years - carry-in

    Compatibility Information

    Designed For Toshiba AT200 100, 101
    Toshiba AT270 101
    Toshiba AT300-103
    Toshiba AT300SE 102
    Toshiba Chromebook CB30-102
    Toshiba Excite Write AT10PE-A-103
    Toshiba KIRA 101, 102, 107, 10Z
    Toshiba NB520-11N, 11P, 11Q, 125, 12C
    Toshiba Portégé
    Toshiba Qosmio
    Toshiba Satellite
    Toshiba Satellite Pro A30-C-130, A30-C-135, A30-C-14E, A30-C-14F, A30-C-182, A30-C-1DU, A30-C-1EP, A40-C-145, A40-C-14T, A40-C-150, A40-C-152, A40-C-1D7, A50-C-12P, A50-C-12W, A50-C-1GP, A50-C-1HG, A50-C-1JK, A50-C-1L2, A50-C-1MT, A50-C-1MU, A50-C-1NC, A50-C-1ND, A50-C-1PR, A50-C-1T6, A50-C-202, A50-C-21T, A50-C-21U, A50-C-29P, A50-C-2MJ, A50-D-10J, A50-D-119, A50-D-14M, A50-D-14N, A50-D-14P, C70-B-34M, C70-B-34N, C70-B-34R, C70-B-34W, C70-B-351, C70-B-352, C70-C-1FQ, C70-C-1FR, R40-C-103, R40-C-106, R40-C-10R, R40-C-110, R40-C-112, R40-C-114, R40-C-128, R50-B-118, R50-B-11Z, R50-B-137, R50-B-138, R50-B-140, R50-B-142, R50-B-14P, R50-B-151, R50-B-158, R50-B-15E, R50-B-16T, R50-C-104, R50-C-12E, R50-C-12N, R50-C-134, R50-C-13D, R50-C-14H, R50-C-14J, R50-C-150, R50-C-196, R50-C-197, R50-C-19L, R50-D-108, R50-D-10D
    Toshiba Satellite Radius 11 CL10W-B-100, L10W-B-101, L10W-B-102, L12W-C-10H
    Toshiba Satellite Radius 14 L40DW-C-101, L40W-C-10R, L40W-C-10Z, L40W-C-115, L40W-C-119
    Toshiba Satellite Radius 15 P50W-C-10J
    Toshiba Tecra
    Toshiba Encore WT8-A-102, WT8-A-103
    Toshiba EnIntel® Core™ 2 WT10-A-106, WT10-A-109, WT8-B-102, WT8-B-106
    Toshiba Satellite Click 2 Pro P30W-B-104, P30W-B-108, P30W-B-10D, P30W-B-10F
    Toshiba WT310 10L, 110


    • AT200 100, AT200 101, AT270 101, AT300 103, AT300SE 102, Chromebook CB30-102, Encore 2 WT10-A-106, Encore 2 WT10-A-109, Encore 2 WT8-B-102, Encore 2 WT8-B-106, Encore WT8-A-102, Encore WT8-A-103, Excite Write AT10PE-A-103, KIRA 101, KIRA 102, KIRA 107, KIRA 10Z, NB520 11N, NB520 11P, NB520 11Q, NB520 125, NB520 12C, Satellite , Satellite C55-C-1RZ, Satellite Click 2 Pro P30W-B-104, Satellite Click 2 Pro P30W-B-108, Satellite Click 2 Pro P30W-B-10D, Satellite Click 2 Pro P30W-B-10F, Satellite Pro A30-C-130, Satellite Pro A30-C-135, Satellite Pro A30-C-14E, Satellite Pro A30-C-14F, Satellite Pro A30-C-182, Satellite Pro A30-C-1DU, Satellite Pro A30-C-1EP, Satellite Pro A40-C-145, Satellite Pro A40-C-14T, Satellite Pro A40-C-150, Satellite Pro A40-C-152, Satellite Pro A40-C-1D7, Satellite Pro A50-C-12P, Satellite Pro A50-C-12W, Satellite Pro A50-C-1GP, Satellite Pro A50-C-1HG, Satellite Pro A50-C-1JK, Satellite Pro A50-C-1L2, Satellite Pro A50-C-1MT, Satellite Pro A50-C-1MU, Satellite Pro A50-C-1NC, Satellite Pro A50-C-1ND, Satellite Pro A50-C-1PR, Satellite Pro A50-C-1T6, Satellite Pro A50-C-202, Satellite Pro A50-C-21T, Satellite Pro A50-C-21U, Satellite Pro A50-C-29P, Satellite Pro A50-C-2MJ, Satellite Pro A50-D-10J, Satellite Pro A50-D-119, Satellite Pro A50-D-14M, Satellite Pro A50-D-14N, Satellite Pro A50-D-14P, Satellite Pro C70-B-34M, Satellite Pro C70-B-34N, Satellite Pro C70-B-34R, Satellite Pro C70-B-34W, Satellite Pro C70-B-351, Satellite Pro C70-B-352, Satellite Pro C70-C-1FQ, Satellite Pro C70-C-1FR, Satellite Pro R40-C-103, Satellite Pro R40-C-106, Satellite Pro R40-C-10R, Satellite Pro R40-C-110, Satellite Pro R40-C-112, Satellite Pro R40-C-114, Satellite Pro R40-C-128, Satellite Pro R50-B-118, Satellite Pro R50-B-11Z, Satellite Pro R50-B-137, Satellite Pro R50-B-138, Satellite Pro R50-B-140, Satellite Pro R50-B-142, Satellite Pro R50-B-14P, Satellite Pro R50-B-151, Satellite Pro R50-B-158, Satellite Pro R50-B-15E, Satellite Pro R50-B-16T, Satellite Pro R50-C-104, Satellite Pro R50-C-12E, Satellite Pro R50-C-12N, Satellite Pro R50-C-134, Satellite Pro R50-C-13D, Satellite Pro R50-C-14H, Satellite Pro R50-C-14J, Satellite Pro R50-C-150, Satellite Pro R50-C-196, Satellite Pro R50-C-197, Satellite Pro R50-C-19L, Satellite Pro R50-D-108, Satellite Pro R50-D-10D, Satellite Radius 11 CL10W-B-100, Satellite Radius 11 L10W-B-101, Satellite Radius 11 L10W-B-102, Satellite Radius 11 L12W-C-10H, Satellite Radius 14 L40DW-C-101, Satellite Radius 14 L40W-C-10R, Satellite Radius 14 L40W-C-10Z, Satellite Radius 14 L40W-C-115, Satellite Radius 14 L40W-C-119, Satellite Radius 15 P50W-C-10J, WT310 10L, WT310 110
    • Portégé (When Service & Support Type = 1 year warranty)
    • Qosmio (When Service & Support Type = 1 year warranty)
    • Tecra (When Service & Support Type = 1 year warranty)
    All prices quoted include VAT.
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